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UPDATE:  NFL Owners Ban Leaping On FG, PAT Attempts – NFL owners formally banned players from leaping over the line of scrimmage to block kicks and approved a plan to centralize replay review decisions to the league office, highlighting a flurry of votes Tuesday at their annual meetings. The league’s competition committee joined players in expressing concerns about the safety risks of the leaping strategy that proliferated last season. Although it didn’t happen in 2016, they feared a player could be flipped in the air by blockers as they rose from their stances and land awkwardly. The strategy will be expressly barred in the 2017 NFL rule book.

In other business Tuesday, the NFL:

• Approved a rule prohibiting teams from committing multiple fouls on the same play in an effort to manipulate the game clock, thwarting a strategy used last season by both the San Francisco 49ers and Baltimore Ravens.

• Made permanent a rule to automatically eject players from games after they commit two of a certain type of unsportsmanlike conduct penalties.

• Approved for one more season the experiment to put touchbacks at the 25-yard line after kickoffs.


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