Women Sues Bulls Mascot Over Injury

Image result for benny the bull

A woman is suing Chicago Bulls’ mascot Benny the Bull over an injury she suffered while working at the United Center during a 2015 game. Rosa Garcia was working as a courtside order taker and server during the May 8, 2015, game at the United Center when Benny “was running out of control on the court” and injured his ankle, according to the lawsuit filed Monday in Cook County Circuit Court. Benny started limping off the court with the help of another person. When Benny walked past Garcia, he pushed his left hand on Garcia’s left shoulder with “all his body weight” to help lift himself up and balance himself, the suit alleges. Garcia then felt a sharp pain in her shoulder and heard a popping sound, according to the suit. As a result, she suffered “injuries of a personal and pecuniary nature” and required medical assistance. Garcia is suing Barry F. Anderson, who was acting as Benny the Bull when she was injured; Chicago Bulls Limited Partnership, and Chicago Professional Sports Limited Partnership for negligence. She seeks damages in excess of $50,000.


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