NBA News

Clock Error Cost Celtics Time on Final Play – The NBA acknowledged in its Last Two Minute Report on Saturday that the Boston Celtics should have had an extra second on the clock to run a final play in a Game 6 loss to the Washington Wizards. Celtics guard Isaiah Thomas missed a hurried, off-balance 3-point heave before the buzzer Friday, and the Wizards staved off elimination with a 92-91 victory that forced Game 7 on Monday in Boston. John Wall hit a go-ahead 3-pointer with 3.5 seconds to go and, with a foul to give, Washington’s Kelly Oubre fouled Kelly Olynyk, which left just 1.7 seconds on the clock. The league’s report noted that Oubre’s foul was “whistled with approximately 2.7 seconds on the clock but the clock runs to 1.7 seconds before stopping. The clock should have been stopped earlier automatically on the whistle or by the neutral clock operator.”


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