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Irving has Regrets About M. Brown RelationshipCavaliers star Kyrie Irving said Wednesday he has regrets about his relationship with former Cleveland coach Mike Brown, who will now face him in the NBA Finals as the interim head coach of the Golden State Warriors. “It was a learning experience, to say the least,” Irving said. “I kind of regret being part of that, because he was just trying to teach me a lot of things that I didn’t necessarily understand as a 21-year-old in the NBA.” Brown coached Irving for one season, in 2013-14, and the two had a rocky relationship as Brown pressed Irving to make changes to his game. At one point in that season, Brown advocated that Irving be traded.


KD May Give Up Money for GS CoreGolden State Warriors forward Kevin Durant is willing to take less than the maximum contract extension he is eligible for this summer as a 10-year veteran if it helps the Warriors keep the core of their team intact, league sources told ESPN. Durant’s gesture would allow the Warriors to keep their entire core together for years to come. In order to sign Durant to the maximum possible extension this offseason, starting at an estimated $35.4 million per year, the Warriors would have to renounce their rights to Andre Iguodala and Shaun Livingston to create room under the salary cap. The most they can pay Durant in 2017-18 without creating cap space is 120 percent of his 2016-17 salary, a little less than $32 million.

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