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Welcome to Insane Sports

At the Cell. Maybe next year.

Clarence at Guaranteed Rate Field

What’s up!! I’m Clarence Council III and I want to welcome you to my Blog – Insane Sports. I call it that because some of the things that you read about in here may seem outrageous, unbelievable, not from this planet and just plain insane! Now that I have your attention, take the time and read some of the things that I feel are news worthy in the sports arena. My passion is watching and talking about sports. You can find it all here according to categories. I make a few comments, but I would like to hear from you, the readers. Hope you enjoy! I get information from many sources, Bleacher Report, ESPN, CBS Sports, Fox Sports, just to name a few. I have to give credit where credit is due.

Here’s a little information about myself. I recently graduated from Southern Illinois University, Carbondale (May 11, 2019) with a BS in Sports Administration. I also attended the Illinois Center for Broadcasting here in Chicago and received a certificate in Radio/TV Broadcasting. I also did a podcast from the Jarrett Peyton Studio at ICB called, of course Insane Sports.  I did internships for Shawn and Maya In The Mornings Sports Talk and WVON Radio Station. Reporting sports is my passion.